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Termite Treatment Brisbane

You make huge sacrifices and save for years for the roof over your head. It’s not only your castle, it’s at the heart of your family and probably the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make.

You don’t need the heartache that comes with the discovery that termites have invaded your home, laying waste to crucial weight-bearing structures and rendering your investment virtually worthless. Regular termite inspections and Brisbane termite treatments are essential for any Brisbane home or business.

It’s harder to think of a more devastating threat to your home than this insidious and efficiently destructive pest. But termites rarely announce their arrival, preferring to shy away from human company. By the time you realise you have a termite problem they could already be well-established and responsible for tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Termite damage isn’t something that your house and contents insurance will pay for either. In most cases you’ll find it’s simply not covered by your policy. That’s why it’s critical to take preventative steps to ensure your home doesn’t become another statistic. Getting the right termite treatment in Brisbane is critical to winning the battle against this tiny but formidable feasting foe.

You've taken the first step to termite freedom! Searching online for terms like, 'Termites Brisbane', 'Termite Brisbane', 'Termite Control Brisbane' or 'Termite Treatment Brisbane' means you want the best possible termite fighting team. We're delighted you've found us. Evict-A-Bug takes firm stance against termites and we're here to help you win the fight against Brisbane termites!

Types Of Termites Brisbane Has Hiding Away

Brisbane is home to some of the most destructive termite species in Australia. You might know them better as ‘white ants’. It’s actually a misnomer. The name rose to popularity in the early years of European settlement. This milky-white, wood-eating pest was completely unlike anything new Australians had encountered before so they named it after the only insect they were familiar with, the ant. Admittedly, termites do bear some physical resemblance to ants, but they’re not ants at all. They’re part of the cockroach family. There’s over 300 species of termite in Australia.

Not all Australian species of termites are destructive. However, some of the most destructive species are very much at home in Brisbane. Subterranean termites are probably the most problematic of all Brisbane termites and have a huge appetite for destruction.

Termite Brisbane Food Sources

A termite’s primary food source is cellulose, which is contained in dead wood. Worker termites will leave the colony in search of wood and bring it back in liquefied form. They then regurgitate it to feed the other termites in the colony. Termites are able to digest wood because their gut contains a microorganism that produces a special enzyme. This organism is a ‘symbiotic’ protozoa; symbiotic because both species rely on each other to survive. This relationship has given termites a distinct evolutionary advantage over other insect species. It has also allowed them to flourish in an urban setting where they can turn commonly-used household building materials into a food source. They can also resort to secondary food sources such as paper and insulation, and living on diseased trees and shrubs.

The termite palate has expanded to include the very building materials you might have used to construct your home, including your:

  • • Framework
  • •  Cladding
  • •  Architraves
  • •  Panelling
  • •  Doors
  • •  Flooring

In other words, termites attack the core structure of any building they choose to invade.

Why Brisbane Termites Are So Destructive

Like bees, termites live in highly efficient, organised colonies and are subject to a strict hierarchy. They’re such a destructive species because they work together for the collective good of the colony. A Brisbane termite colony consists of three main classes or castes:

  • 1. A reproductive pair: a queen and a king located in a nursery chamber at the heart of the colony)
  • 2. Workers: blind termites tasked with foraging for food and feeding the colony, building and repairing tunnels
  • 3. Soldiers: these are termites that accompany the workers as they forage. Their sole purpose is to defend the colony when it is breached

When a colony reaches capacity, the queen will also produce winged alates or reproductives. They’re young queens and kings. You’ll often see them at dusk in November through to April when they leave the nest and take to the air to swarm. They release pheromones which assist them in finding a mate. After they swarm, they drop their wings, mate and establish a new colony. Whilst they’re not equipped with anatomy suitable for chewing themselves, once mated, they have the potential to establish a colony with up to a million resident termites. That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed and potential for immense destruction.

Why Termites Love To Call Brisbane Home

Termites are particularly active in Brisbane because our conditions are ideal for them. Termites really only need only two things to thrive: a food source (dead wood or timber) and moisture. Brisbane termites have both of these in abundance!

Our abundant rainfall and high levels of humidity have conspired to create ideal conditions for termites and the perfect storm for homeowners. Brisbane’s expanding suburban fringes mean that you might live in close proximity to natural bushland with abundant sources of decaying wood. Termites don’t recognise boundaries and to them, a food source is a food source. The warmer months see an increase in termite breeding activity. Summer is therefore extremely busy for Brisbane pest control companies.

Termites and their natural love of all things moist and humid are attracted to homes with leaking pipes. They’re also able to find an easy and undetected route into your home if you’ve allowed soil or other garden mulch to build up around the house. Similarly, their love affair with decaying wood means that wood chip mulch and railway sleepers, or piles of stored firewood can provide a haven for termites and allow them to expand their colony on close proximity to your home. Eradicating these termite food sources, fixing leaking pipes and closely monitoring your drainage and automatic watering systems are simple steps you can take to prevent a termite colony making itself at home near your home.

Termite Warning Signs - Time To Call The Termite Treatment Brisbane Experts

Termites are a secretive species and can be very hard to spot. You won’t necessarily see the central nest that forms the hub of the colony because it’s often underground, protected from predators. Worker termites are the essential link between the queen and king and the food source, leaving the nest to forage for wood via a complex system of tunnels and mud tubes that can stretch up to 100 metres from the central nest. The nest and its tunnels are dark, humid and airtight. They provide a safe and warm environment for the colony and its occupants. In some cases, termites will build a nest above the ground but only if there’s sufficient moisture and access to food sources.

If you see mud tubes (‘galleries’) extending up your home’s footings, foundations or support piers, then that can be a reliable indicator of the presence of termites. You might also see some signs of termites tracking along the expansion joints or cracks in the concrete around your home. Sometimes you might notice small entry and exit holes in wood or a dimpling or rippling in the surface of wood, indicating termite activity below the surface. However, termites can go unnoticed for many years.

Most of the time you won’t have any obvious signs of a termite problem. If you don’t know they’re there, the destruction will continue unabated. Whether you have obvious signs of a termite infestation or not, getting the right Brisbane termite treatment is the only way to ensure that your home is protected from their relentless advance and the trail of destruction they leave behind them.

Termite Control Brisbane Options

There are many Brisbane termite treatment options available. Knowing which option is best to control termites and stop them spreading in your home depends on a number of factors. Your options for termite control Brisbane include:

#1 Localised eradication (spot treatments and dusting)

Many companies sell chemical products that are essentially a DIY option for Brisbane termite control; however, they’re really only suitable if your infestation is localised or very limited. With termites, appearances can be very deceptive. It takes considerable training and experience to recognise the full extent of a termite infestation. Chances are you won’t have the specialised equipment necessary to track termites in your home, or the tools to deliver the termite treatment to the right position for maximum efficiency.

Termites are notoriously secretive and utilise entry and exit points which are almost impossible to see and access. A spot treatment might only treat a symptom of a much bigger infestation. In doing so it can give you a false sense of security, allowing the damage to continue on unchecked and buying the termites valuable time to wreak havoc.

If your problem is not an extensive one, we offer an immediate stop-gap solution to visible termites: a safe and effective product called Termidor Dust. It can destroy a termite colony because it’s carried back to the nest by worker termites as they return from foraging for wood.

#2 Non-chemical control of termites including termite barriers

Non-chemical termite control relies on the installation of physical barriers (often in the form of PVC strips) to prevent termite invasion. It’s an ideal measure if incorporated into the construction of a new home but doesn’t really assist if you’re in an established home. To be effective, termite barriers have to be installed at the time of construction at the bottom of the wall cavity. It must form an unbroken barrier around the entire perimeter of your home including around any penetrations in the slab and any expansion points. An undetected breach in a barrier can spell disaster because it will allow termites to gain access. Other methods of non-chemical control include the use of metal termite shields and sand barriers.

A termite barrier is therefore highly susceptible to damage from excavation, water ingress or the natural settling or subsidence that can occur with a property over time. It takes an expert pest controller to ensure that a barrier system won’t fail.

If you’re building a new home or extending an established home, it’s a great opportunity to take steps to guard against potential termite attack. We can advise you on the best barrier methods to keep the termites out. We proudly supply and install HomeGuard physical barriers as we believe they’re the most effective barrier method on the market when it comes to termites.

#3 Termite baits and baiting systems

Termite baiting is another option open to you for termite control in Brisbane. Baiting usually involves the insertion of plastic bait stations or pots into the soil around your home. These termite baiting stations can be very labour-intensive and expensive in the long run. This is because they need to be inspected and re-baited regularly. Most brands of termite baits used in Brisbane rely on a pesticide that is an insect growth regulator. It kills termites by preventing them from moulting, an essential part of their growth cycle. Because of this, they’re fairly slow-acting. Another drawback is that they only work if they attract foraging termites, so correct placement of the baiting stations is essential to the success of termite baiting as a control option. Even then it can be very hit-and-miss as a termite control Brisbane option.

However, a baiting station used prior to, or in conjunction with, a termiticide is likely to have more success in the long run. Newer baiting systems utilise a termiticide such as Termidor Dust as opposed to an insect growth regulator. This means a faster, more effective treatment. They can also be used in conjunction with other forms of termite treatment or termite control such as chemical soil treatments.

#4 Termicides, chemical soil treatments and termite dustings

Chemical soil treatment is a way of controlling and eliminating termites. It involves the professional application of a termite treatment, a ‘termicide’, to the soil. A termicide is a chemical that specifically targets and kills termites.

Protection against termites is best achieved by trenching and flooding the soil with termicide. It’s also designed to eradicate the entire colony by killing off the queen. It does this through termite-to-termite transfer, or ‘transfer effect’. This is a process where a worker termite crosses a treated barrier area as it leaves the colony to forage for wood. Once affected, they pass it on when they return to feed the colony with the liquefied wood they have foraged. Mutual feeding and grooming on their return passes on the effects of the termicide to the rest of the colony. As termites start to die off, they are either carried away or eaten by other termites and this also makes a termicide a fast and effective tool for killing off an entire colony. Once the queen is dead, the colony is doomed.

Some termicides are solvent-based and have a very strong, often unpleasant odour. For that reason, many home-owners shy away from them as a potential solution to a termite problem. Termidor® Residual is one of the best termicides on the market. Manufactured by BASF, it has undergone extensive testing to ensure that there are no harmful impact on humans and is safe for use around children, pets and the native wildlife population. Termidor is applied to the perimeter of your building and to any expansion joints and cracks in any concrete in that area. Most importantly it’s water-based and not solvent-based, so one of its greatest advantages is that there is no noxious odour or fumes. It is therefore a safe and effective Brisbane termite treatment to use if you or your family members suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties.

One of the reasons Termidor® is so effective is that its presence does not alert the colony. It’s non-repellent. This means that it has a far greater impact because the workers are more likely to track it back into the colony where it has maximum killing effect.

Termite Treament Brisbane - Why Choose Evict-A-Bug?

Evict-A-Bug is a well-established, family-owned and operated Brisbane pest control company. We’re experts in termite control Brisbane wide, plus we're experts in termite treatment and elimination. Our many years of experience in this business has shown us that termites are a force to be reckoned with in Brisbane. We’re up for the challenge. The best approach to controlling and eliminating your termite problem is a holistic one. We aim to arm you with comprehensive, unbiased and friendly advice as to the best Brisbane termite control options for you.

When you ask us for help in combatting your termite problem, you can be sure that you are dealing with reliable and experienced professionals. We have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. What’s more, we adhere strictly to Australian Standard AS 3660, the definitive guide to termite control in Australia.

We’re also proud, fully accredited members of the Australian Pest Control Association (APCA) and Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licensed (licence number 1155389). We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work, no matter how extensive the problem is.

What To Do If You Suspect You Have Termites

If you know or even suspect that you may have termites you need to ensure that you enlist the services of a reputable pest and termite control company in Brisbane. Our qualified and accredited termite inspector will undertake a termite inspection to assess the extent of the problem. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive written report, advising you as to:

  • 1. The extent of the infestation
  • 2. Safe and environmentally-friendly termite treatment options open to you

Don’t let termites destroy your beautiful home or business premises. Call us at Evict-A-Bug today on 0432 674 568 or Brisbane 1300 671470 and ask us about our $250 Evict and Control Package.

Looking for the experts in termite treatment Brisbane wide? You’re looking for Evict-A- Bug!

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