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Termite Inspection Brisbane

Why You Need To Take Action!

Just feel the hair on the back of your neck prick up when the building and pest inspector says that horrid, dreaded word and then confirms it…Termites! Argh.

Whether you’re buying, selling, building or simply maintaining your home, a Brisbane termite inspection is an absolute must and should sit at the top of your checklist if you want to remain mentally and financially stable. These stealthy critters can cause unimaginable damage right under your nose and you’ll never know until it’s too late. That is of course, if you haven’t taken the relevant precautions to ward off this nasty pest or haven’t educated yourself about termite infestation and subsequent damage. You've taken the first step by searching for 'Termite Inspection Brisbane' or 'Termite Inspections Brisbane' to find us - now take the next step and call us today!

When Is It Time To Get A White Ant Or Termite Inspection Brisbane?

If you’re looking at buying a new home or property, it’s the ideal time to get a full Brisbane termite inspection. You want to know what lies and lurks beneath the upfront aesthetics so you have a clearer idea of what you’re purchasing. Most purchasing agreements come with the terms “pending pest inspection” which allows an exit for the buyer should there be irreconcilable termite infestation or damage.

If you’re a home owner already, you’ll want to protect your largest asset from ruin. So if you notice that your neighbours have had a Brisbane termite inspection completed, it might be worth following suit for peace of mind. The warmer months provide the perfect breeding environments for termites, so look at pre-purchasing an inspection to take place at the beginning of every summer or spring. It goes without saying that if you happen to notice any structural damage in wooden beams, trees or woodpiles, you should organise an inspection straight away.

Termite Inspections Brisbane - Key Information You Should Know

#1 What should an effective termite inspection Brisbane include?

A thorough Brisbane termite inspection includes an unbiased assessment of the perimeter of the property including gardens, trees, deadwood, fence posts, and hidden areas. Termites can travel 50 metres underground undetected so fencing checks are imperative. A termite inspection also includes a visual examination of the internal building structure, fixtures and systems of the home.

The comprehensive termite inspection Brisbane report will outline any current infestations, current or previous damage detected, any areas of risk that may be encouraging termite infestation like wet rooms or gutters, and areas that will require regular inspections or maintenance moving forward. Don’t forget you can use the results of the pest inspection noted in the report to negotiate the purchase price of the property you’re interested in. That is, of course if the damage is manageable for you to repair and maintain.

#2 What is the difference between a Brisbane termite inspection and just a termite check?

You may have heard different terminology around this issue and be wondering what the difference is between a termite inspection Brisbane and a simple termite check. In a nutshell, a thorough termite inspection and report is usually the first action that needs to take place to determine the right solution to suit your budget and your property. A Brisbane termite inspection assesses signs of timber pest activity that may be detrimental by allowing pests to enter the home. It also looks at environmental factors that could increase access.

Termite checks usually only involve a brief look around the home and the property; they are not comprehensive in the same manner as an inspection. A check does not assess any underlying factors relating to an infestation. Be sure you know the difference when asking for assistance from Brisbane pest control companies.

#3 What are the treatments for termites?

There are a couple of Brisbane termite treatment methods to treat subterranean termites found in the Brisbane area.

1. Physical termite barriers

Firstly, prevent any new infestations with a physical termite barrier. These come in the form of plastic sheeting that is laid down before a slab is poured for a new home or an extension to an existing home is completed. It will either completely cover the slab or be placed around the perimeter and around pipes. Your property and requirements will determine this.

2. Chemical treatments

These are the most common termite treatments available for Brisbane homes. This type of treatment establishes a termicide barrier between the timber within the home and the termite colony via the soil.

3. In-ground baiting systems

This treatment option involves baiting locations around the home strategically with wood material (or cellulose) bait stations. This method is becoming more and more popular to rid properties of subterranean termites.

#4 What are the signs of termite damage?

There are several things you can look out for that should alert you to a potential problem.

1. Inspect trees and stumps near the house for any dead or chewed wood.

2. Inside the home, go room by room knocking on walls and doorways listening for any hollow sounds or flaking paint or gyprock. Termites will usually forage on soft wood first which includes cornices, skirting boards and architraves. They will munch their way through the ‘meat’ of the wood only stopping just before the first layer of paint and usually leaving incognito without you having any clue.

If need be, post construction adjustments which are less conducive to wood destroying insect infestations, can be made to a home. Infestations are more likely to be found in earth to wood contact usually found at support posts, where there is improper drainage away from a structure, in crawlspaces with excess cellulose debris or where there is little or inadequate crawlspace ventilation. These are areas that you can target and rectify yourself to greatly diminish the chance of termite infestation.

Choose A Fully Accredited Termite Inspection Brisbane Company

Rest assured that all Brisbane termite inspectors in and outside any association must be licensed dependent upon their relative state government guidelines. However, there are definitely benefits to dealing with a member of an accredited industry association. Evict-A-Bug is fully accredited and QBSA licensed, giving us access to all the latest developments in technology for termite inspections Brisbane wide. We are fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability, ensuring the consumer receives the highest quality in pest management and industry standards are met.

The Latest In Termite Technology

Termite damage is usually difficult to detect by the naked eye. A lot of the problem is behind walls, under floors, in ceilings or in crevices that are otherwise extremely difficult to inspect without having to rip out portions of rooms. This is why a lot of pest control businesses take advantage of some intricate technological devices to enable more accurate detection and reporting.

Four non-destructive termite detection technologies used by Evict-A-Bug termite inspections Brisbane:

  • 1. Moisture Meters detect high levels of moisture content in interior timbers. They work on microwave signals which are sent into the timber to detect any movement
  • 2. Thermal cameras are able to detect thermal variance to 0.05 degrees Celsius
  • 3. Termatrac radar technology accurately locates termite movement through walls without the need for any unnecessary destruction to your home. It can penetrate dense material within the walls and ceilings, furniture, cement sheeting and concrete tiles
  • 4. Borescope lenses provide visual access to wall cavities and voids in building structures

Early Termite Detection & Prevention Is Paramount

It can’t be stressed enough that you can reap many benefits for detecting termites early. As termites thrive in dark places away from the light, early detection signs can be as easy as visually spotting leaking taps or mud tunnels made by termites up the brickwork, or as complex as seeing heat movement or infestation through the use of the technological devices mentioned above.

Inspect your home room by room focusing on drying out any consistently wet areas like bathrooms and laundries. Termites live on wet, moist areas and feast on wood in particular. Mix the two together and you have a recipe for termite destruction and home domination. Why not have a conversation with your Evict-A-Bug local termite inspector Brisbane to discuss ongoing maintenance plans? Enquire about pre-purchasing some regular Brisbane termite inspections for peace of mind.

Ways To Prevent Termite Damage - Book A Regular Brisbane Termite Inspection!

Whilst having a professional pest inspection is the best thing you can do to protect your property from the clutches of the mighty termite, there are certainly ways you can identify and prevent them damaging your home.

  • • Replace washers in leaking taps
  • •  Keep bathrooms and shower recesses as dry as possible
  • •  Clear your gutters of water and foliage
  • •  Move any wood piles well away from the home and keep them lifted slightly off the ground. Weed and clear up around any old firewood or timber piles

With so much termite activity taking place out of sight, it is difficult to notice the damage going on without the expert judgement and knowledge of a professional Brisbane termite inspector. Get a thorough termite inspection of your Brisbane home – it’s well worth the outlay. An expert will quickly be able to detect any current and future issues and potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement materials and labour costs.

For just $250 Evict-A-Bug can provide quality, thorough a Brisbane pest control and termite inspection Brisbane for your property. Don’t leave it to chance! Contact Evict-A-Bug TODAY before it’s too late.

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