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Pest Control Brisbane

Scampering, scurrying, scuttling pests.

Cockroaches that creep, crawl and contaminate in the night. Spiders that lie in wait for little fingers to bite. Winged things that buzz and sting. Jumping, nipping fleas in your carpet or bedbugs biding their time behind your skirting boards. Tunnelling, chewing termites; insect weapons of mass destruction in your walls and under your floors. If you’ve got a home in Brisbane, chances are you’ve got a pest problem – whether you can see it or not! Now’s the time to learn more about getting the right pest control treatment for your Brisbane home or office.

You might not realise you have ‘uninvited guests’ until you reach a crisis point. If something scuttles across the floor, a floorboard gives way or you find a trail of rodent droppings, that’s when you need to act quickly. You need the advice and expertise of a reputable company that specialises in pest control in Brisbane. If you've been searching online for, 'Pest Control Brisbane' or 'Brisbane Pest Control'. you've found the experts! You can call on Evict-A-Bug to promptly remove your unwanted visitors.

Brisbane Pest Control - Why Pests Love Brisbane!

Brisbane’s humid climate, high levels of rainfall and lush semi-tropical vegetation make it a haven for pests of all shapes and sizes. You may not realise it, but your home is a wonderful source of food and shelter for a marauding pest. You provide them with warmth in winter and respite from the heat of the summer months. What pest wouldn’t want to shack up with you? You even feed them…sometimes with your own blood!

Common Brisbane Pests & The Problems They Cause

Brisbane’s pests can make your life a misery. It’s bad enough to feel like you’re under siege from mosquitoes, mites and midges outside during the summer months. But when pests move in to your home, there’s nowhere you can hide. Your home is your sanctuary and should be peaceful, safe and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, some of the most common Brisbane pests can drive you to distraction. They can make you want to shut the door behind you on the way out and never return.

Other pests might not bite or sting you, but they’ll have a devastating impact on you financially if you let them. Termites are undoubtedly the biggest Brisbane pest control problem in terms of their potential financial damage.

#1 Termites

Brisbane is under siege from hyper-destructive subterranean termites. They can literally eat you out of house and home, causing devastating structural damage to your home within a matter of months. In the worst case scenario, they can even render your home inhabitable. State-wide, the damage caused by termites runs into the millions of dollars each year, and it’s rarely covered by your standard household insurance. If you’ve got a home in Brisbane you’re at risk of invasion from this insidious and highly destructive insect.

Many Brisbane pest control companies can’t effectively treat termites as they haven’t gone through the stringent requirements for accreditation imposed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). They have to sub-contract out termite control to other companies. Our Brisbane pest control service is one of only a few fully accredited and licensed termite control agencies in Brisbane. With Evict-A-Bug, you’re getting a one-stop solution to all of your pest control problems in Brisbane.

Our expertise and friendly advice will allow you to make an informed decision as to the best termite control options for you, whether it’s termite baiting, chemical soil treatments or termite barriers. We’ll help you deal with a termite problem quickly and decisively. Our chemical soil termite treatments have a lengthy 10 year life expectancy and our barrier methods have an 8 year warranty. We’ll also supply you with a Certificate of Installation and issue a Form 16 where required. You can leave all of the small details to us. Click the link for more information about our expert termite treatment Brisbane services.

#2 Bedbugs

You might have thought that bedbugs were a thing of the past, only to be found in gothic novels, or overseas in sub-standard backpacker hostels and boarding houses. Unfortunately, bedbug infestations are on the rise in suburban Brisbane. They’ve hitchhiked north from Surfers Paradise and into the suburbs in the luggage of travellers and backpackers. Once they arrive in a new property, they’ll make themselves at home, giving rise to another infestation. They can survive for weeks without a host. One of the worst blood-sucking parasites, they’re particularly active at night, tormenting you as you try to sleep.

To the untrained eye, a bedbug infestation can be extremely difficult to detect. Sometimes the only sign you’ll have of the presence of bedbugs is rust-coloured or tarry spots on your bed linen or mattress, as bedbugs generally retreat into hiding places (‘harbourage’) during the day. If you think you might have bedbugs in your Brisbane home, you need to take immediate action and speak to a Brisbane pest control company with expertise in eradicating bedbugs. We’ve got the latest detection and eradication methods for these revolting little bloodsuckers.

#3 Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are also one of the most prevalent and persistent Brisbane pests. Not only are they a nuisance at night, they also carry serious and debilitating diseases such as Dengue Fever and the Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses. The salt marsh mosquito, most common in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, has had its best year yet. Even backyard puddles provide a safe haven for mosquito larvae. Mosquito numbers are at record levels because of high rainfall this year, coupled with flooding and king tide events. But mosquitoes can’t thrive and reproduce without blood. That’s where you and your family come into the picture, and that’s why you’ll find them buzzing in your ears at night. We can help you track down the source of the mosquitoes and put an immediate end to their midnight blood-sucking antics.

#4 Fleas

Did your pet bring home a special little surprise? A flea infestation can be one of the most infuriating pest control problems you’ll face, because they are difficult to detect. They’re not always on a hairy host. More often than not, they’re hiding in your carpet or on your rugs, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Getting rid of fleas and their eggs can be a challenging problem. Leave it to the Brisbane pest control experts at Evict-A-Bug to evaluate the extent of the problem and offer you a solution that will make flea bites an unpleasant, distant memory for you and your pets.

#5 Spiders

Some spiders, like the daddy-long-legs, are relatively harmless. Others, such as redback spiders are not. They’re a potentially deadly threat to you and your family. Chances are, they’re living in much closer proximity to you and your family than you think. It only takes a curious little hand to uncover a spider’s hiding spot and the consequences can be tragic. If you want to avoid the Emergency Department at your local hospital, you need to be proactive about spider control treatments around your home. We can explain all of your internal and external spider pest treatment and control options so your little ones can safely explore their environment.

#6 Cockroaches

There’s nothing more likely to put you off your meal than a scurrying cockroach careering out of control through your kitchen. Cockroaches aren’t something you can effectively conquer with DIY cockroach traps or sprays. You need a Brisbane pest control expert; someone familiar with their hiding spots. You need a meticulous pest control technician who can track them down and eliminate them once and for all. When it comes to cockroach treatment and pest control in Brisbane, we’ve got your back.

#7 Silverfish, Clothes Moths, Borers & Pantry Moths

Bites and stings aren’t the only damage a pest can do. There is a whole range of household pests who will attack just about anything in your home. Borers can reduce a precious wooden family heirloom to crumbling dust. The larvae of a clothes moth will have a field day in your wardrobe and render your clothes unwearable. Pantry moths and weevils will leave you with a bug-infested pantry full of wasted food.

Silverfish will ruin your favourite books and irreparably damage your important documents. No matter what pest you have, Evict-A-Bug can tailor a safe and effective Brisbane pest control for your home, inside and out.

#8 Wasps

Often, you won’t realise you’ve got an allergy to bee or wasp stings until you’re at the receiving end of one. If you’ve got a bees swarming and trying to establish a new hive in your yard or home, there’s potential for stings. We can give you immediate advice on your options for safe and effective hive relocation, removal or treatment. European wasps are enjoying a bumper year and are a ferocious predator, attacking pets and livestock. As an insect that feeds on meat, fruit and any other food, they’re scavengers that are attracted to pet food bowls and barbeques. They’ll seize any opportunity to crash a party and can render your outdoor area a no-go zone. Unlike bees, they can sting repeatedly. If you’re being plagued by wasps, it’s time to track down the nest and remove the threat as quickly as possible. It’s high time you took back what’s rightfully yours: your yard and your social life!

#9 Ants

Black ants, brown ants, bull ants, jumping jacks and green ants. Whether you’re inside or outside, there’s sure to be an ant hell-bent on spoiling your fun. No matter the species of ant giving you grief, we’ve got a safe and effective pest control solution for your Brisbane home or garden.

#10 Rodents & Vermin

Mice and rats can find a way into your home through the smallest gaps in brickwork, or through vents and around the tiny spaces around pipework. Once inside, they’re extremely difficult to remove. A rat or mouse problem can go undetected for many months because they’re highly secretive creatures. Often, there won’t be any tell-tale signs present such as scratching in the roof void or the walls or droppings, chew marks or urine and dropping trails until they’re well-established. We can assess the extent of your rat or mouse problem and come up with a solution that’s fast and effective.

Standard Brisbane Pest Control Services

At Evict-A-Bug we know that you want an immediate response to your Brisbane pest control problem. Our standard 'Evict & Control Package' is a decisive strike against the general pests in your home. For $250 we offer a full internaland external pest control treatment. That covers both the interior and exterior, roof void and sub-floor area of your property, no matter how large or small your home may be. It also includes a full termite inspection and 8 page termite report at no additional cost to you. We also offer a 12 month pest warranty, so you can be sure that the problem will be treated fast and the outcome will be a lasting one.

We only use 100% safe and effective treatments and control measures, so you’ll know for a fact that we will control your pests without any adverse impact on the health and well-being of your family and pets. In one fell swoop we can treat your pest problem. If we discover you’ve also got a termite infestation, we can give you comprehensive and unbiased advice on your options for termite control and treatment as well as ridding you of the other creepy crawlies that make life a misery.

Natural Pest Control Brisbane - Alternative, Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Options

Pest control doesn’t have to be all about chemicals and killing. We get that your first priority is the safety and well-being of your family and pets. We’re well-versed in the huge range of eco-friendly, non-toxic options for pest control Brisbane. We can advise you on everything from electronic and ultrasonic pest control options through to pest removal, trapping and exclusion methods. We’ll find a way to help you control and eradicate your household pests without resorting to chemical warfare.

Our Brisbane Pest Control Expertise

Our fully licensed and accredited Brisbane pest control technicians are committed to a program of continuous professional development and training. So we’re up-to-date and fully-equipped with the latest pest control technology and products to ensure that we can accurately assess the full extent of the problem and come up with an effective solution that solves the problem once and for all.

We’ve achieved industry recognition for our professionalism and expertise. We’re also a proud member of the Australian Pest Control Association (APCA), which requires its members to adopt a strict Code of Conduct. We’re also fully licensed with the QBCC and carry full professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. We guarantee that you’ll be so happy with our results that you’ll have trouble keeping it to yourself.

When you call on Evict-A-Bug, you’ll have the peace of mind of dealing with a well-established and highly respected local Brisbane pest control company. Got a pesky pest problem? Nip it in the bud today. Call Evict-A-Bug on 0432 674 568 or Brisbane 1300 671 470.

Need the best pest control solutions for your Brisbane home or business? Call Evict-A-Bug and ask about our great value comprehensive $250 deal!

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