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Mrs Karma Mengel

I am writing in the hope to give my positive testimonial about using evict a bug! Not just a few weeks ago my house had been ridden with cockroaches, ants and the dreaded spiders. Nothing we did worked to get rid of them and they ended up breeding in the home instead of the garden!

Having a young one around the house, it’s not sanitary or safe to have bugs in the home especially spiders. I had the most lovely guy come and spray my home in Chermside. He was fast, efficient, and cautious of family. And not to mention the price was outrageously awesome! I was expecting to pay anywhere upwards of $300 to get my place done but when I contacted you guys, it was a mere $160! I couldn’t believe it!

Now my beloved home is pest free and I dont have to worry about my son picking up any nasty bugs or ants getting into anything. Thank you so much for ridding my home of these pests! I’m truly grateful :)

Kind regards

Mrs Karma Mengel