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What are the different termite barriers that can help in termite control

What are the different termite barriers that can help in termite control

Are you worried about termites damaging your home? If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, then there is every chance that termites are not far away. Termite control is an important part of being a homeowner not just in Brisbane, but also in Australia as a whole.

There is nothing worse that finding termites on your property because when you do, the damage has probably already been done. Fortunately, there are many preventative measures you can take to secure your home against termites. Of these options, termite barriers are the most popular and the most effective.

What are the advantages of termite barriers?

Termite barriers work proactively, which means that they give you the assurance of knowing that your home is protected. As their name suggests, termite barriers prevent termites from reaching the timber foundations or components of your home. There are many types of termite barriers and each suits a specific application.

To get the best protection for your home, it pays to know your options. This is where professional help is important. A pest control expert will be able to assess your home and recommend an ideal termite barrier for you. Once this decision has been made, your pest control expert can commence the installation stage.

It is important that you have your termite barrier professionally installed, as this will ensure that it works properly. DIY termite control is not only challenging, but also potentially harmful. Some methods of termite control employ termiticides or harsh chemicals, which must be handled with care. For this reason, it is always best to consult an expert.

Some termite barriers that might help you

There are three main types of termite barriers in Australia. All three are effective, however they are best suited to specific applications. To determine which is best for you, consider the features of your home and contact a pest control specialist.

#1 Non-chemical barriers

None chemical barriers are physical barriers that prevent termites from coming into contact with vulnerable areas of your home. Normally, these barriers consist of PVC strips, which effective prevent termite invasions. These types of barriers are ideal, as they are durable and likely to last as long as your home does, if correctly installed.

It is important to recognise, however, that these barriers are best suited to homes that are still under construction. If your home has already been fully constructed, then these barriers cannot be installed to their full effect. Don’t worry though – there are more options available for you.

#2 Chemical barriers

Chemical barriers are a great alternative to non-chemical barriers, if your home has already been built. Basically, chemical barriers comprise a ‘termiticide,’ which is used to treat the soil surrounding your home. The termiticide is a chemical that kills termites. Once in the soil, termites will ingest the termiticide as they feed.

The chemical is then transferred from termite to termite. This makes it very effective in the eradication of termite colonies. The advantage of chemical barriers is that they can be implemented in almost all properties, even those with established homes.

#3 Metal termite shields

Metal termite shields are another type of physical termite barrier. They are similar to the non-chemical termite barriers listed above and they are effective when it comes to termite control. Metal barriers usually comprise a finely woven metal mesh, which is installed in homes during their construction or extension.

The installation process is similar to that of the PVC termite barriers. Metal termite shields are a great defence against termites but again, they are generally only suitable for homes under construction.

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