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What to do in Case of a Pest Infestation

What to do in Case of a Pest Infestation?

If you have noticed heightened pest activity around your home, then you may have a pest infestation on your hands. Pest infestations are more than just a few rats around the place, or a couple of insects. Pest infestations are serious, and they are normally caused by nesting and breeding activity.

Most pests nest in hard to reach areas. This means that you will probably have trouble noticing them, at least until they have really established themselves. By this stage, the problem is probably already serious. If you suspect that there is a pest infestation in your home, then there are a few things you should do. However, for serious pest control you should always contact a professional.

Try and Identify the Source of the Pest Infestation

If pests are becoming more and more prevalent around your home, it might be helpful to try and identify their source. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should hunt around confined spaces in ceilings or below your home. Rather, you should try and isolate an approximate area in which they seem to be more concentrated. This is helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows a pest control specialist to undertake a more targeted inspection. Secondly, and more importantly, it allows you to avoid that area. This includes avoiding activities that might aggravate or encourage the pest infestation. Once you have got a general idea of where the infestation is situated, you should really aim to avoid that area until a specialist arrives.

If you Have Found the Source, Contact a Pest Control Specialist Immediately

In any case of a pest infestation, your first move should be to contact a pest control expert. If you think you have located the source, then you should let them know when you get in contact. However, it is entirely possibly that the infestation is also in areas of your home that you cannot access. Termites are especially hard to identify without specialist equipment. That is why it’s absolutely paramount that you seek the help of an expert.

Do Not Disturb the Pests

Some homeowners make the mistake of trying to contain the infestation themselves. In almost all cases, this can do more harm than good. Aggravating or disturbing a pest infestation will lead to the pests spreading. As they spread, they permeate more areas of your home, including those that may have previously been unaffected. The best course of action is to isolate the general area in which the infestation is most severe, and avoid it until help arrives.

Try and Take Note of any Damage

While you wait, it might be a good idea to have a look around your property for signs of damage. Most pests are responsible for damage to your home. In some cases it can be severe. Termites are among the worst offenders in this regard. If you have seen signs of termite infestation, it is possible that your home has already sustained serious damage. Try and assess the extent of this damage without disturbing the nest. If this is not possible, then wait for a specialist to arrive. Pest control experts have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to identify and assess termite damage, and other pest related damage.

Leave Pest Control to the Specialists

The most important part of managing a pest infestation is to avoid disturbing them. Without the right equipment, knowledge and experience, controlling a pest infestation is almost impossible. That is why you need the services of a pest control specialist. Not only are they well equipped to identify and treat infestations, but they also know how to do so safely.

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