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Are Bug Bombs Really The Answer? Pros And Cons

Ants, cockroaches, and rodents – they can all drive you up the wall! So it’s no surprise that a lot of homeowners reach for the bug bomb at the first sign of trouble. But is that really the best solution? In short, no. Sure, insect bombs have their definite advantages – and sometimes they are the best solution. However, all pests are different. They behave different, respond differently to certain treatments, and inhabit different spaces. Working out what pest you’re dealing with can also be harder than you think. So before you go straight for that insect bomb, have a read through our list of pros and cons!

Before we look at the pros and cons of insect bombs, let’s think about how they actually work

To really understand the pros and cons of insect bombs, you have to know how they work. Basically, they slowly disperse airborne pesticides in the room that you place them. These pesticides vary in toxicity, depending on which insect bomb you choose. That means that some are more effective than others. And equally, some are more harmful than others, if used incorrectly. The fact is, it’s not always going to be good for you to activate pesticides without the right approach, and the right training. On top of that, they mightn’t even work on the specific type of pest or insect that you’re dealing with.

Know your enemy! Getting a pest inspection is always necessary before you look at insect bombs

If you have a problem with rodents or termites, then a bug bomb simply isn’t going to cut it. But how can you tell if your problem is rodents, termites, or another type of insect? A lot of the time, the only way to identify pest activity is the damage they leave behind. That means you can make an educated guess at best. That’s where a professional pest inspection comes into it. A professional pest inspector has the tools to accurately identify any kind of pest, anywhere in your house. This can save you the hassle of deploying an insect bomb to no avail!

Insect bombs don’t treat all types of pest infestation, and that’s a definite con!

There is pest activity, and then there is a pest infestation – they are on a whole new level! If you have a pest infestation, that basically means pests have established themselves in your home and begun to nest. If that’s the case, an insect bomb will do more harm than good. You need professional help! But even if pests haven’t quite reached the point of infestation in your home, they may still resist an insect bomb. Termites are a great example of that. Because of where they live, termites are pretty well protected from airborne chemicals. So an insect bomb simply won’t reach them. That’s a definite shortcoming in our books, but you can avoid it by getting a professional inspector’s advice.

Sometimes an insect bomb is the answer, but you shouldn’t deploy them without expert advice

Sometimes, an insect bomb will work very effectively – ants are a pretty good example of that. But that still doesn’t mean it should be your first line of attack. There are plenty of more subtle ways to deal with those sorts of pest activity. And if you can address your pest problem without using harsh chemicals, you’ll be onto a winner!

Bug bombs have their pros and cons – but there is no substitute for professional pest interventions

That brings us to our last point: professional pest control will beat bug bombs every time. Pest inspectors place the highest level of importance on your home and your family. They will always go for the least invasive options first. And more often than not, these non-invasive approaches work wonders!

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