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Summer Pest Control Tips for your Home!

7 Summer Pest Control Tips For Your Home!

The sun’s back out, the weather is warmer and Christmas is on its way – sounds like summer in Queensland! What could go wrong? With these summer pest control tips, not much! Summer is the time of year where some pests are most active. The dynamic temperatures, high humidity and abundant sunlight all mean that pests are going to change their behaviour. So you need to change your approach to summer pest control. Luckily, it’s much easier than it sounds!

#1 Are you feeling the humidity? Summer pest control means keeping an eye on mould!

Let’s start with one of the most noticeable parts of a Queensland summer: the humidity! The air gets heavier, the moisture is everywhere and for a lot of people, this means mould. Sure, mould is annoying, but you can’t exactly classify it as a pest. So why bring it up? Well there’s one reason in particular: mouldy areas attract pests. If you have mould growing on timber, that means that the timber is damp. And what loves damp timber? Termites of course! So by keeping an eye on mould, you can identify termite activity promptly.

#2 Summer storms bring out summer pests!

Summer storms are a spectacle! Rain, wind, lightning and sometimes even hail – pests are probably the least of your worries, right? Maybe, but there are some other things to worry about, like pests! When the rain is driving down, pests are likely to seek refuge in your home – just like you are! You mightn’t notice them at first, but they’re there! The biggest culprits are the ants. So if you seem them marching in, it might be work taking action.

#3 What makes summer pest control different? The answer lies in your garden!

Sure pest control is important, but what makes summer pest control special? After all, the pests are always around, right? Well, part of that is right – the pests are always around. But in summer, the conditions are perfect for them to wreak havoc! You needn’t look any further than your garden to see evidence of this. During summer, a lot of homeowners start the garden clean up. Green waste piles up around the yard and pests take refuge in the vegetation. The moisture and heat start to compost the leaf litter, which feeds them even more! That’s why summer pest control is so important.

#4 Summer can cause your rubbish to fester: keep your bins clean

Now let’s talk rodents. Rats and mice to be specific! They love rubbish and what better way to find it than by smell? It might seem like a small difference, but summer heat can make your rubbish fester quicker. In turn, this will attract rodents. So move your bins away from the house, if you can!

#5 Look out for leaks! Check your gutters

Summer storms and rain can inundate guttering and send water into places you don’t even know about. What does this mean? This means termites and roaches! Damp timber is particularly susceptible. Another thing to remember is mozzies. They breed in still water – so try and drain any clogged guttering!

#6 As the temperature heats up, rodents will start to become active – stay vigilant!

As it gets hotter during the day, rodents will turn to the night-time to scavenge. This means that they can begin inflicting damage without you even realising! So at the first glimpse of trouble, take action! Start your summer pest control routine by laying rodent traps.

#7 The best summer pest control tip is to get an expert pest inspection

If summer pest control is all too much for your busy schedule, get professional help.  Professionals in pest control will identify and eradicate pests and give you the best summer pest control on offer!

Contact Evict-A-Bug today on 0432 674 568 for all your summer pest control needs! With Evict-A-Bug, pests don’t stand a chance!