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Winter Pest Control Tips

5 Winter Pest Control Tips

During winter, you probably think there is nothing better than enjoying the cosy comfort of your home. But you are not the only one who thinks so. Many pests see your home in the same way that you do: a warm comfortable shelter, with plenty to eat. This means that as a pest controller, you have to remain vigilant.

The fight against pests is ongoing and winter can mark a change in battle tactics. To make sure that pests don’t become a problem for you during these winter months, there are a few things you can do. In just a short period of time, you can prepare your home for everything the winter pests can throw at you.

Don’t leave food scraps lying around

Food scraps are guaranteed to attract pests. Everything from ants and cockroaches to mice and rats will want a piece of the action. So don’t encourage them. Throw out food scraps promptly and try not to let them fester. Another great tip is to keep your bins a little further from your home. During winter, as temperatures drop and food becomes scarce, pests will be especially dogged in their search for a tasty morsel. If you can deprive them of that, then your home is one step closer to being pest free.

Seal your home: small holes let pests in as well as the cold

A lot of homes – especially older homes – have a trademark gap or hole somewhere. Whether it is in the ceiling cavity, the garage or the back door, these holes often don’t seem like a major issue. But in the depths of winter, the cold is not all they will let into your home. Most pests, especially rodents, will seek out a warm place to stay when the temperature starts the drop.

These pests are remarkably well adapted to urban and suburban survival and their instincts will invariably lead them to your doorstep. By taking a proactive approach and blocking up these holes before the mercury falls, you can get the drop on them and keep your home pest free.

Trim foliage that is in contact with your home

Winter pest control often requires a bit of extra thought. It’s important for you to think about where the cold will lead the pests and what you can do to stop them in their tracks. If you have taken some advice already and blocked up old holes, and moved your bins away you are on the right track. But there is one entry point that slips many homeowners’ minds: trees.

Trees, bushes, and shrubs can effectively serve as a bridge for pests. Even the smallest contact between a shrub and a windowsill can see a steady procession of ants crawling into your home. Trimming back the foliage directly surrounding your home can cut off one more point of access for the pests in the area.

Store your belongings in secure boxes

If you have boxes stored in a backyard shed or garage, they are more susceptible to pests. You might think that a well-packed cardboard box is a tight barrier against cockroaches and you might be right. But what about the dreaded rodents? Rats and mice have a way of circumventing even the most painstakingly laid measures of prevention. When it comes to cardboard, they will simply chew right through. Fortunately, plastic and metal are too much, even for them. So invest in some basic plastic storage containers and enjoy complete security from pests.

Tidy up

It might seem simple but tidying up around the house, backyard, garage, and shed can be one of the most effective tools again pests. Creating a well-ordered and neat environment will deprive them of habitat. Piles of tools, clothing, old food, and other such rubbish simply act as a big home for pests. Garden waste is particularly bad in this regard. So clean up and watch as pests slowly fall off your radar.

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