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5 Things to do to Prevent Termites in your Home

5 Things to do to Prevent Termites in your Home

For many homeowners across Queensland, termites are an ever-present threat. You may not be able to see them, but a momentary lapse in protection can have catastrophic consequences. A lot is often said about the many ways in which you can treat termite infestations. This is very important. But what is equally important, is working out how to prevent them altogether. As a homeowner, there are a few things you can do to pre-emptively prohibit termites from making themselves at home in your home.

1. Check your drainage systems: termites love moisture!

One way to prevent termites from getting comfortable is to attack their source of food and water. The best way to do this is to minimise moisture around your home. If you have a leaky drain or some old plumbing from which water is seeping into timber around your home, get it fixed. Termites love moisture and wet wood is their ideal food source. It is soft, easy to break down and it hydrates them. By keeping the timber structures of your home nice and dry, you are making it that little bit harder for termites to get a foothold.

2. Try to keep your home and property clean

Everyone has that little spot on their property where old things lie forgotten. It might be under your house, behind the shed, or down the side of your house. Wherever it is, try and keep it as clear as possible. The area in which this is most important is below your house. If you have a sub-floor, crawlspace or anything similar, you need to do all you can to prevent termites creating a nest. If you have piles of old belongings or cardboard boxes, you might unknowingly be helping the termites. Not only do these materials provide food for the pests, they also hide them from view. This means that by the time you find them, they may have already established themselves.

3. Be carefully about laying mulch over your garden

It is easy to think that termites have a sole goal of nesting in your home; after all, that is what you’re spending all this time trying to avoid! But termites actually have a diverse range of habitats. They are just as happy making a home in a fallen tree as they are beneath your home. That is where you need to be tactical. Try and block any bridges between other habitats and your home. If you have a garden adjacent to your house, be careful about mulching it. Mulch and woodchip are great termite habitats. If you link the outer boundaries of your property to your house, with a trail of mulch, the termites will make a move.

4. Consider having a termite barrier installed

If you are building a new home, you can actually take proactive steps to prevent termites. These include using effectively treated timber and installing physical termite barriers. With the right treatment, some timbers achieve termite resistance. However, it’s important to remember that no wood is completely termite proof! Termite barriers, on the other hand, are largely impenetrable for termites, as they are made from metal.

5. Get frequent expert inspections

Spotting termites is hard. It involves getting into some pretty unpleasant places and it requires a little bit of expert knowledge. With such high stakes, it is probably best to contact an expert for frequent pest inspections. This will unearth any termite activity, as well as any other pests that have invaded your home. If your inspector finds anything, they can also help guide you through the treatment process. So get in touch with an expert today, and send those termites on their way!

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