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5 Summer Pests To Watch Out For!

5 Summer Pests To Watch Out For!

Summer is great for so many reasons. You have free time, good weather and, of course, that delightful Christmas feast! But you’re not the only one who will be feasting this summer. Summer pests also love the warmer months. For them, food is abundant, conditions are right and your home is their giant lunchbox. Don’t worry too much though; with the right help, summer pests are pretty easy to eradicate.

But before you can implement a plan to stop them, you have to know what you’re up against. That’s why we have developed this list of the five most common summer pests to watch out for.

Termites are one of the most common summer pests and they can cause significant damage

Termites: they strike fear into the heart of many homeowners, Australia wide. And there is a good reason for that; termites can cause very serious damage to a lot of homes. To make things more complicated, termites just love summer. The added humidity and moisture means that there is an absolute abundance of food for them. Timber in your garden will decompose quicker in summer, providing an ideal feeding space for termites. So what can you do? Our first piece of advice is to get a professional pest inspection. This will identify any termites on your property. And when you identify them, you can treat them!

You might not think of rodents as summer pests, but they are active all year round!

Household rodents came to Australia when the first Europeans did. So you would be forgiven for thinking of them as more of a winter issue. But they have adapted well, and they are now one of the more formidable summer pests! They absolutely love making themselves at home in the temperate spaces around your house, such as wall cavities. They also love the smell of your bin; the warmer temperatures can cause food scraps to decompose quicker, which attracts rodents. Dealing with rodents isn’t too hard though – the most important thing is to cut off their food source. That means changing bins regularly and keeping the wheelie bin away from your house.

Common clothes moths: one of the most under recognised summer pests

The frustration of finding your favourite linen chewed to pieces is hard to match. So what is it that causes such damage to your textiles? Most of the time, it’s clothes moths. Clothes moths love the warmer temperatures – they actually breed during the warmer months. And when they lay their adhesive eggs on your linen or upholstery, it’s game over! That’s why preventative measures are so important. For example, placing mothballs around clothes and linen that’s in storage is a good place to start. And, as always, a professional pest inspection is a great solution.

When it comes to obvious summer pests, there are few more obvious than flies!

Flies provide the soundtrack to many Christmas lunches across Australia. They just love that warm weather, and they love your Christmas spread just as much as you do! They also seem almost impossible to eradicate. So how can you do it? Well, eradicating flies is a challenge for obvious reasons. But you can deter them quite effectively with a combination of fly spray and flyscreen. Of course, keeping exposed food to a minimum is also a useful tip.

Cockroaches: perhaps the most prevalent of all summer pests

When it comes to summer pests, cockroaches are the masters of stealth. In fact, you can have a cockroach problem without even realising it! That’s simply because they generally only come out at night. So the first weapon in your fight against summer pests like cockroaches is a pest inspection. Once you have ascertained their presence, you can deal with them quite easily. Surface spray is also a good interim defence measure.